India Workplace Equality Index

India's First comprehensive benchmarking tool for employers to measure their progress on lesbian, gay, bi and trans inclusion in the workplace.

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Key Benefits of Taking Part

Assess your work

The Index will assess your work by asking a series of questions about things you might have done. We split the questions across different sections – employee policy, the employee life-cycle, staff network groups, allies and role models, senior leadership, monitoring, procurement, and customers, service users and clients.

We've developed our questions based on years of experience working with employers. Regardless of where you are on your inclusion journey, the Index can help guide your progress.

Understand your employees' experiences

Understanding the lived experiences of your employees is crucial to inclusion. They should directly inform the change being made at your workplace.

The Index will give you insight into staff experiences through an anonymous survey. All you need to do is promote the survey to your employees and leave the rest to us.

Diversity Champions will receive a survey summary, showing employee opinions, attitudes and experiences. You’ll also be able to compare your organisation’s data to sector and regional averages.

Show your commitment

Entering the Index is a fantastic way to show your commitment to LGBT equality. It demonstrates that making your workplace, services and products LGBT inclusive is a priority.

Build an action plan

Employers benefit the most from the Index when they use it as a developmental framework. 

One feature of the Diversity Champion programme is feedback on your Index submission. Once we've reviewed your work, we'll give you in-depth written and verbal feedback. We'll also provide you with best practice examples and ways we can support you further.

Knowing what you're doing well and where you can improve will help you develop a robust action plan.

Assess your organization's achievement & progress on LGBT Equality

Measure Your


Understand Your Employees's Experiences

Show Your Commitment

Build An

Action Plan

10 Reasons to Participate

10 Reasons to Participate

India Workplace Equality Index 2020

Celebrate your work for fostering an LGBT+ Inclusive Workplace

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Survey opens on September 3, 2020

Survey closes on October 15, 2020

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